Dave Bolton Launches New Inspirational Project With Local School

UTS coach and Foundation Ambassador, Dave Bolton launched a new programme in partnership with Wirral WRAP, which provides bespoke intervention and re-engagement strategies for students who require tailored respite learning support outside a mainstream school environment.

Based at Shaftesbury Boys Club, (next to Tranmere Rovers FC), Birkenhead, the school deals with children who require alternative provision with a focus on getting the student back into mainstream school and education.

Who better then, than Dave to share his story and support these young people though a structured programme of exercise, inspiration and motivation?

Below he discusses how his first session went....


By Dave Bolton

"It was great to be back at Shaftesbury, Tranmere yesterday. I spent 7 years as a player manager for one of their football teams. We won the cup twice and dominated the league for 3 years.

I was there Yesterday with the UTS Foundation to carry out a motivational talk to the Shaftesbury Academy.

The Academy has been running educational activities for the past 5 years with the aim to offer young people an alternative education service. I spoke to 15 pupils who had been removed from main stream education due to expulsion, suspension or refusing to take part within the education system.

During my presentation they seemed to be captivated. My key message was overcoming adversity, adapting to your situation and surroundings positively.

Following the end of my presentation I was asked a number of questions, most of them asking if they can touch the screws/plates in my head or to see my heavily scared leg!

I split the group in half. Then took each group through a fitness circuit. To be honest it ended up with me putting pads on and teaching them how to box. Why force them to participate in stuff they don't want to do?

A great 3 hours which ended with myself being asked back for the next 6 weeks.

Hopefully I can have an impact on these young misunderstood youths.

Xx Behind every dark cloud the sun still shines bright xX 🌤**

For more information about the school click here - https://www.wirralwrap.co.uk/