Our Vision

The Foundation’s five year vision and the purpose of the project is to provide accessible and free structured coaching, health and well-being sessions to vulnerable community groups across the Wirral and at our facility sites. The UTS Foundation will work in partnership with a range of agencies, such as the NHS, police, youth service, youth offending teams, schools, colleges and youth clubs to help and support these people. UTS also has excellent links with partner agencies and local clubs, which will allow the Foundation to signpost individuals to sports, activities, clubs and professional groups who can work with the Foundation to help these people to reach their goals and full potential.


Our Commitment


  • We will engage people in meaningful and structured exercise activities which will empower them to overcome the fatigue left in the wake of cancer and its treatment.
  • We will provide a safe environment in which people can rediscover their physical abilities, forge new levels of confidence, and take measured steps towards enhancing their health and wellness.
  • We will signpost people to other services and facilities in the local area so that they can benefit from a wide range of opportunities and experiences.
  • We will provide a stable and reliable foundation of information and education on topics related to our area of expertise: exercise, nutrition, physical activity, and sport.
  • We will create and sustain a vibrant environment of inclusivity, and by engaging with us people will be able to re-establish their identity focused on what they can do rather than by the illness they have encountered.
  • We will challenge children to move. By providing an inspiring, challenging, and purposeful curriculum of progressive exercises we equip children with all of the physical literacies required to take part in sport.
  • We will reignite the will in children to physically explore their world with confidence, strength, and fun.

What is the UTS community sport health and education hub?

The Carr Lane project is an exciting extension of the UTS project that focuses on developing an underused site in Hoylake into a multi sports hub that will meet the needs of the local population and compliment existing sports provision within the area. Hoylake boasts a rich tapestry of long established sports clubs and facilities.

These include football, rugby, tennis and golf all within 1 mile of the Carr Lane site. In addition, we will create a facility that will benefit the local community and local sports teams within the local and surrounding areas. By working alongside the local community and the Council we would like to develop an area of approximately 5,600SqM (80m x 70m) utilising artificial turf and a mondo sports track, which would be in addition to the children’s play area based at the site. The artificial turfed area will contain a large turfed area and an adjacent sprint track to cater for sports like :

  • Functional and circuit style training
  • Sprint lanes
  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Touch Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Kwik Cricket
  • Walking Football (Over 50’s)
  • Outdoor Fitness Equipment

In addition, the UTS project will offer educational programmes and qualifications in a variety of subjects, such as :-

  • Refereeing (for a variety of sports)
  • Coaching (for a variety of sports and activities)
  • Mentoring
  • Sports Leaders Awards
  • First Aid
  • Nutrition
  • Strength and Conditioning

This project will be open access and designed to engage all members of the area regardless of age or gender.
Crucially the project will offer structured sporting activities and real pathways into sport and physical activity.


What are the Benefits to the Newhall Sports Hub to the local and surrounding community?

The Newhall Sports and Education Hub will benefit the local community and surrounding area in the following ways:-


  • by creating 10 new jobs - 5 full time - 5 part time and offer an average of 25 volunteering and work experience opportunities a year leading to NVQ’s. (This will provide transferrable skills and improve opportunities for employment in an area of high unemployment). We will also work alongside Merseyside Sports Partnership to offer Sports and Leisure qualifications.
  • by offering 500 local, disadvantaged people aged 5 and up per week access to sports facilities that they cannot access locally, such as boxing, youth strength and conditioning and athletics.
  • by targeting and assisting 300 service users a year who are NEET, have physical, or learning difficulties and service users who are at risk from engaging in negative, or harmful behaviours, such as teenage pregnancy, drug misuse and obesity will also benefit from learning about issues that affect them.
  • by reducing crime and anti-social behaviour within Wirral by offering local people a range of structured activities as opposed to participating in negative behaviours that would be detrimental to the Borough.
  • by offering 150 local people a year who attend the project will also learn transferrable skills through the sports coaching, volunteering, mentoring and education which we will run in partnership with local HE/FE colleges, such as Liverpool JMU and Wirral Metropolitan College, Birkenhead.
  • by allowing 1000 people per year who attend to participate in the sports that we cater for will benefit from an increase in health and well being. Issues of obesity, mental health problems and a breakdown in local community relations are particular prevalent in the Wirral area and this project will, through an evaluation of individual assessments to those who attend the facility.
  • by enabling 1000 disadvantaged and disaffected service users per year to increase self esteem, friendships, self confidence, interpersonal skills, respect, discipline and team work. In turn this will develop the service users as citizens within the area leading to more well rounded individuals who are less likely to have a negative effect on the area itself. This will be measured via individual and project questionnaires and evaluation forms which will be assessed at the beginning and end of each project to gauge improvements. We will also link in with partner agencies to assess the impact of the project using these evaluation methods.
  • by offering a range of individually assessed personal development projects for local people designed to educate, engage and improve service users around issues that affect them, such as sexual health, drug and alcohol awareness, healthy eating, knife crime, bullying, teenage pregnancy, photography, video arts, drama and street dance.