Cancer Referral Staff

**Breaking News - UTS Foundation now has qualified Cancer Referral Staff to deliver sessions to patients**

The UTS Foundation not only exists to deliver meaningful activity to the vulnerable groups that we work with, but is always seeking opportunities to improve the quality of its services and the skills of its staff so that they too can develop and grow.

This week UTS Hoylake Coach, Holly Kim Parsons and Coach Megan Hewitt from The Underground Training Station SW, officially qualified as Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation practitioners courtesy of Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS, places funded by Macmillan Cancer Support and the training delivered by The Wright Foundation.

This 5 day intensive course ensures that we now have two members of staff qualified to guide individuals with cancer to a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle which will maximise their chance of living better and longer. The course material is based only on reliable, established and published research from around the world, it was written with the help of patients from a wide range of cultural backgrounds by an experienced cancer team which specialises in lifestyle and exercise research.

The course itself boasts the most comprehensive syllabus in the UK for those seeking to advance their knowledge of exercise, cancer and rehabilitation, including :-

-Understanding Cancer and its treatments,
-Lifestyle factors that increase the risk of cancer,
-Dietary factors that can affect the risk of cancer,
-Exercise referral within cancer treatment and rehabilitation,
-Cancer treatments and their effect on exercise,
-Preparation for exercise referral,
-Exercise testing and programme guidance
-Exercise programming
-Advice for dealing with symptoms and side effects of treatment
-Dietary advice for cancer patients.

The benefits of exercise do not stop after diagnosis of cancer. A number of studies have proven that patients who exercise regularly after cancer have a better quality of life, have lower risks of side effects, have a lower risk of their cancer returning and generally survive longer.

Later this month we will be launching the first phase of our cancer rehabilitation programme in partnership with Wirral NHS, Clatterbridge Hospital and Macmillan Nurses to offer bespoke exercise, rehabilitation and nutrition classes and workshops to females recovering from breast cancer.

Ultimately, we will be expanding this service over the next 12 months and the awesome donations and funding that we have raised since we started last year will ensure that we can now guarantee delivery of these types of sessions well into 2018. On that note we would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported the project so far.

Well done Holly and Megan... now its time to make a real difference!