The Underground Training Station, or ‘UTS’ is an established Wirral Fitness Facility that has been trading since 2009 offering elite level coaching and fitness education to the general public regardless of their ability.

This has been developed from elite level sport practice to appeal to a wider audience. This echoes our fundamental philosophy, which always has been GET COACHED, GET EDUCATED AND GET RESULTS.

This facility offers state of the art strength and conditioning equipment alongside artificial turfed areas that encompasses UTS’s unique circuit training systems developed by UTS Directors, Dr Colin Robertson, Head of Strength and Conditioning Masters Program at Bolton University and former England Rugby Strength and Conditioning Coach, Neil Parsley.




The UTS (Underground Training Station) Foundation offers a range of specific and targeted fitness, health and well being activities for the most vulnerable members of our community; including (post) cancer care, mental ill health, special needs, disadvantaged children and adults and ex-military veterans.

We currently work in partnership with a range of agencies, such as GP's, Wirral NHS, police and PCSO's, youth service, youth offending teams, schools, colleges and sports clubs to deliver a holistic programme of structured fitness session with nutritional guidance to help support these people develop, learn and grow, whilst improving their quality of life.

In addition we want those young people who attend our Foundation projects to develop skills and literacy in physical education which will allow them to become better athletes in whatever sport they chose, but more importantly develop the skills that are needed to help them better individuals with transferable skills, such as confidence, resilience, discipline and respect.

We will offer practical skills to overcome adversity as well as support, reassurance and a platform to improve their health, well being and quality of life though a long term programme of delivery.




Holly Kim Parsons

Foundation Coach, Holly Kim Parsons started working in the Fitness Industry over 4 years ago because of her love for keeping fit and healthy. Holly believes there is not a one size fits all approach with fitness, so each session is specific to the client. Holly loves variety, and likes to keep her sessions fun and different - circuit style, lifting weights, running, yoga, non contact boxing and core work.

Holly was an original Tribe member of the UTS gym the first week it opened back in 2009 and totally fell in love with their way of training and learned how to train properly to see results and to actually improve her fitness and strength. After experiencing first hand how UTS changed her life, Holly decided to qualify as a Personal Trainer and has never looked back. Holly is now a qualified Level 4 Cancer Exercise Referral Specialist and spends much of her time working with clients who have, or are recovering from cancer.

Holly loves people and they are the main drive for her coming to work every day. She loves helping people and pushing people to get the most out of themselves. This is why working for the Foundation is perfect for her as she gets to work closely with people 7 days a week, helping them to achieve there goals, help them to realise how amazing they are, and helping them to be happier healthier humans.

Megan Hewitt

Megan has recently graduated, July 2016, from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) with a Bachelor of Science with Honours, Class 1 in Sport and Exercise Sciences. In October 2016, Megan continued her studies at LJMU embarking on pursuing a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Clinical Physiologhy. Megan’s role involves working as an independent researcher for the university.

Megan has a wealth of experience when it comes to strength and conditioning. During her undergraduate degree, she was successful in gaining a place on the universities strength and conditioning internship as a Junior Intern. Embarking on her MPhil, Megan was appointed as a Lead Intern whereby she coaches individual scholar athletes as well as being a mentor for the junior and senior interns.

Megan is an established coach of the Underground Training Station (UTS) South Wirral, she has worked in this position for almost 4 years after having completed a 4 week voluntary placement at the facility. Megan’s speciality is Steelworks which involves resistance training, she delivers a number of these classes within the facility as well as coaching her own personal clients. Through this job role, Megan has achieved a Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist Qualification through the UTS Foundation and Wright Foundation.

Being a passionate trainer, Megan is committed and dedicated to her own training regimes. Megan has represented Ireland as a sprint athlete and has a wealth of experience in Olympic Weightlifting. Currently, her training programs are focused on Hypertrophy with the goal of building muscle mass.


Sarah Stevenson

Born in Doncaster, England in 1983, Sarah started her training at the Doncaster All Stars Taekwondo team and remains a member of the Doncaster club. Sarah started to make a name for herself in 1998, by becoming Junior World Champion at the tender age of 15, followed by Junior European Champion in 1999. Sarah then qualified for the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, drawing the attention of Jackie Chan who sponsored her while promoting Shanghai Noon in the UK. Although not taking a medal in the 2000 Olympics (4th place), Sarah went on to become World Champion in 2001, the first British Taekwondo World Champion ever. Sarah has since become four times European Champion and World silver medallist in 2005.

In 2008, Sarah competed in the Beijing Olympics with the extremely well documented controversy that led to Sarah being eliminated in the quarter finals after the referee failed to recognise clear points scored. The decision was later overturned but with 10 minutes to prepare, Sarah was always up against it. Even after losing this match and injuring her ankle in the process, Sarah came back to win the bronze medal, the first ever medal for GB Taekwondo and become one of the most memorable athletes from the Beijing games.
Not only has Sarah shown a consistent ability to compete at the top for a number of years, but has inspired many on and off the mat. She has recently set up ‘Sarah Stevenson Inspires’ which aims to educate and train young, aspiring athletes across a range of sports. Just a further example of why Sarah is a true ambassador to Great British sport. Sarah’s most recent sporting success came in May 2011 by becoming World Champion for the third time.

Off the mat, Sarah was awarded an MBE in 2012 and was selected by her fellow athletes to read the Athlete oath at the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. Since then she has also been awarded an Honorary doctorate by Sheffield Hallam University, all of these achievements will be put to good use as Sarah develops her career over the next few years, inspiring others. Sarah has created her company Sarah Stevenson Inspires and is planning to continue to inspire, mentor and motivate young people to achieve and carry on the legacy that she has created for GB Taekwondo. Her links with charity are also very close to her heart and she will continue to support these as she moves into the next stage of her career.

"I am so proud of what I have achieved both on and off the mat. I am now committed to pass on my experiences and help other young people gain the life skills and opportunities that I have had over the years. My ambition is to keep raising the profile of Taekwondo as a sport and encourage all youngsters to feel the benefits that come from being involved in sport”



Dan Keefe

Dan is the current Deputy Head and Director of Sport at Clare Mount Specialist Sports College having spent 20 years working in education and sports development as a PE teacher, Sports coordinator and Partnership Development Manager. Dan has a Degree in Sport, Social Policy and Management and a Masters in Advanced Educational Practice. He firmly believes that 'sport changes lives' and throughout his career has utilised the power of sport to boost attendance, behaviour, self-esteem, attainment and employ-ability skills. Dan has seen first hand the impact Underground Training can have on young people and the staff at his school.

Kevin Robinson

I've been involved with volunteering work all my working life in helping individuals or groups in need of help. I worked on the Liverpool Docks for over thirty years and had the great privileged to represent workers in gaining better working and welfare conditions during negotiating with employers.

I have always been interested in all sports and fitness especially football. I represented my school playing for Liverpool Schoolboys and went on to play at Blackburn Rovers and Bury at semi professional level. I also coached football at all levels.

I worked in the third sector (not for profit) as an Employer Liaison Officer dealing with employers, councils, trade unions, Chambers of Commerce DWP. I also did Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) working with vulnerable people and voluntary groups etc. I was also a director of Kirkby Unemployed Centre (now closed).

I'm proud and privileged to bring some of these skills and life experiences to UTS and I am excited to be a part of such an ambitious and dynamic project.