News from Belarus - Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline

We have just received a fantastic and uplifting message from a very special group of visitors who came to our facility in June from Belarus.

Each year a group of children affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster (1986) come to the UK for a month to rehabilitate, receive medical treatment, breathe some decent quality air and to have a really good time!

We hope that our small contribution to their visit to the UTS and the UK gave them something to smile about...


"Thanks again to the many, many people who made this trip so unforgettable.

All 16 children returned home gaining weight, with rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes, happy confidence and sweet memories. They will treasure these memories forever.

All of the parents express their enormous gratitude to the host families, the sponsors, the chairperson and to all who donated clothes, raised money, organised activities, supervised the children, encouraged them and simply loved and respected them.

Now the children talk and talk about the things they experienced and look through the photos again and again. For all of them it is a life changing holiday. This trip gave them the motivation they need to stay focussed and, most importantly, positive about life!

One girl said, “it was the first time I’ve been on a plane. I thought it would take a long time but it seemed to go quite quick”. And it is amazing how quickly time flies on the Wirral.

All of the children admitted this fact as it was a brilliant month, it went very well. At the airport we were looking at our kids chatting happily, eating their snacks and agreed on the fact—if they had the chance, the children would choose to stay, if it were not for missing their families.”

With much love Maryia and Sviata (CLL)