Magenta Inspiring Dreams project

Together We Rise – we say this a lot, it has become the leading philosophy for the UTS Foundation, and we mean it ever more each and every time we say it. The phrase fits perfectly with another quote we love and believe in; something we build with confidence: TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

This week the UTS TEAM had the privilege of working with the Magenta Inspiring Dreams project – delivering Exercise Sessions at the mighty UTS, Seminar Sessions, and a Nutrition Workshop; all aimed towards empowering people to become healthier, fitter, stronger of mind, building their confidence, and giving them the support and encouragement needed to step out into the world and change their lives.

It is equally one of the most awesome, rewarding, and humbling initiatives with which we proudly take part.

We have a solid and clear focus when it comes to our Foundation’s Mission – wherever we can provide help, we will find a way to deliver it. Neither Geography, Economics, nor Ability offer any real obstacle – no matter how big the mountain, we will overcome it; the reward is monumental. The experience of working with these great people, sharing in all that we do and love, has been phenomenal.

To the Tribe, and every supporter of the UTS Foundation – this week, we all did something special.