Landmark day

Today was a landmark day for the The UTS Foundation as we welcomed our first ever group of cancer patients to our facility. We’ve been building towards this day for several months now by working with individual cancer patients and offering personalised exercise and nutrition programmes to help assist their recovery. With this next big step we couldn't help feel a heady mix of apprehension and excitement as the seeds we planted for our project a while ago finally came to fruition.

It was a proud day for us all here Underground Training Station as we we launched the first programme with a group of breast cancer patients. Today was about meeting with the group, finding out about their thoughts and ideas about how we could best help them and to develop our knowledge further about their illness.

Coach Holly Kim Parsons was on hand to alleviate any concerns that they may have had and to explain how we will develop an exercise programme that will be tailored to meet their needs, whilst offering guidance on activity outside of the session and, most importantly nutrition to help their bodies recover from the illness and brutal treatment they had recently undertaken.

This is exactly why the Foundation was set up and you only have to look at the strength of feeling that people had when Matthew Rees stopped to help fellow competitor David Wyeth (pic attached) after he almost collapsed just metres from the finish line of the London Marathon on Sunday. That is exactly what we are about here at the UTS Foundation. More than ever before we are determined to help people overcome personal adversity and illness in any way possible.

Please Note - There are still places available for this project, so anyone interested in getting involved in this, or future projects please do get in touch via email, or call 0151 294 3172.