Children and Young Person's Hospital Project Is Massive Success

For the last 6 weeks UTS coaches Colin Robertson and Holly Kim Parsonshave been delivering a structured fitness, health and well being programme at Wallasey Victoria Central Hospital to a group of targeted children and young people (aged 7-16) who have been diagnosed with a health problem, which is having a detrimental effect on their lives.

We teamed up with NHS Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group, Victoria Central Hospital, Wallasey and Paediatric Nurse, Yvonne Shirley who was concerned that so many children and young people were presenting to her with medical conditions that were impacting on their overall health, well being and quality of life.

Using our unique circuit and exercise classes, this was a specifically targeted and co-ordinated approach working alongside Wirral NHS to offer therapeutic treatment alongside our health programme to meet the needs of each child/young person to improve their overall health and well being, whilst developing their knowledge around diet and nutrition through workshops and monitoring of eating habits.

Each and every child who took part did so with commitment and enthusiasm in spite of the difficulties they had previously faced. It was amazing to see the progress of the young people during the course of the project with clear improvements in physical fitness and, just as importantly, their overall confidence and self esteem. A massive WELL DONE to all those who attended!

A special mention must go to Danny Keating, Director of Brooktherm Refrigeration, (, Kelvin Park, Wallasey who have kindly donated £250 towards the payment of Under Armour kit for each child to train in.

*If you would like more information about what the UTS Foundation could offer you contact Tony Berry at 0151 294 3172, or email