Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline (June 2016)

In June we welcomed a very special group of visitors to our facility from Belarus who came along to take part in one of Coach Holly’s awesome circuit sessions.

These children have come to the UK via the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, which is an organisation that offers young children from the area an opportunity to visit the UK because of the huge impact the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster (1986) had on villages and towns surrounding Chernobyl.

Many of these young people suffer with serious illnesses and will never have the chance to live a healthy lifestyle due to the radiation still being present in their soil, water supply and cattle, so it is important that the children are given the opportunity to come to countries such as the UK to breathe in cleaner air and have a fun time. Just 4 weeks in the UK can give their immune system a boost for up to 12 months and give them the motivation they need to stay focused and, most importantly, positive about life!

We hope to make this an annual event with our new friends from Belarus and will form part of the UTS commitment to further work with people less fortunate than ourselves.