Affecting Change - Matthew Lambert

Some of you may have been aware of a young gentleman by the name of Matthew Lambert 'bobbing round' the UTS over the last few weeks taking pictures of some of the Foundation classes that we have been delivering. In particular, Matt has been focusing on the Cancer groups who have responded so positively to the sessions we offer.

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce that the work that Matt has been doing has been specially selected to feature at a prestigious art exhibition at Open Eye Gallery in Liverpool, Mann Island on the 6th July.

This is a FREE event and will feature images of our brave and committed Foundation friends who are determined to improve their health and well being by accessing our structured exercise programmes.

Matt, who is from the Wirral, is a hugely experienced and successful photographer and cinematographer who has worked with some of the Worlds best extreme sports athletes, sports brands and footballers; including Lionel Messi.

Thanks to Matt and everyone who took part in the project who gave us permission to capture them so openly and, thereby allowing us promote the work that we do. We are very grateful.